1982-1983: Urban Color
I continued with the subject I felt was important to look it, and started using large format color negative. I am not really interested in pictures which need color to be interesting images. It would be photographers Danny Lyon and Alex Webb, which would represent to me successful and relevant work in color. I also enjoyed the pure beauty of the book “Cape Light,” by Joel Meyerowitz.

See Page 33 “Tehuantepec, Mexico,” 1985, Alex Webb, The Suffering of Light, ISBN 978-1-59711-173-7
See Page 53 “Courtyard, the New Vera Cruz, Cartagena,” 1966, Danny Lyon, Pictures From The New World, ISBN 0-89381-073-8

See Plate 9 “Provincetown,” 1977,
Joel Meyerowitz, Cape Light, ISBN 0-87846-131-0 (paper)

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