Work In Progress: Last Post, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 01-12-13

Echo Park Avenue & Montana Street, Near Sunset Boulevard

Echo Park Avenue & Montana Street, Near Sunset Boulevard

      It was cold, standing in the early morning shadows of Sunset Boulevard. The early morning light played games with me as I scrambled for the camera to make a shot and found the light had fallen off the subject, and at that particular moment, the direction and quality of the light would have to wait for another photographer’s eye.

   Sunset Boulevard is a four-lane ribbon of asphalt which connects diverse cultures and neighborhoods together. Sunset starts in the Barrio as East Cesar Chavez Avenue, then northward to the bourgeoisie enclaves of coffee shops and boutiques. And after a dogleg bend in its path, boutiques are replaced with skyscrapers casting shadows on the street-life below; until the ribbon of Broken Dreams finishes with the glamor of ”The Strip.“ In a few months Sunset Boulevard will go through its umpteenth restoration, and my year spent looking at it will be become a portal of memories and images.

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