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1. Street Walk Around, Downtown San Diego / Late 2018 – 2019

All images are parts of continuing projects.

24x24_2019n015_03, Sidewalk Cafe, Downtown San Diego

Street Gallery (See Larger Individual Images Below) 


2. Public Land Use / Late 2018

2018DSC2540, Public Forest Shooting Range, Along Jeep Trail, West of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Public Land Use Gallery (See Larger Individual Images Below) 


3. Crepuscular City Twilight / Late 2018 – 2019
(Using CineStill 800T film in the Twilight hour in downtown San Diego)

8_No Boarder_2019n010_15_Mindgruve         2019n010_15, Mindgruve, Downtown San Diego

Crepuscular City Twilight Gallery (See Larger Individual Images Below) 


4. Barrio Logan Documentary – 2019
(Walking with medium format & large format cameras)

2019n006_03, Recycling Yard, Barrio Logan Brewery, South San Diego

Barrio Logan Documentary Gallery  (See Larger Individual Images Below) 


5. Right-of-way – 2019
(The interstitial space between highway & private property)

2019n008_3, Along Interstate 5, Near National City, California
(See Larger Individual Image Below) 

(All Images Are Watermarked by Digimarc)
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