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Installation Views (Craig Carlson), Southwestern Art Gallery, “The Dazzle of Day”

  The photographs being exhibited by Craig Carlson in “The Dazzle of Day,” is a project started in April of 2016 and represents the first time this new material has been shown. His “Pedestrian Project“ looks at the issues of pedestrians and their street behavior, which includes homelessness, age, isolation in thought, imagined dreams, street gestures (movement), environment, clothing and social status. The project was photographed in four different film formats: 35mm, medium format in 21/4×21/4 inches, 6x9cm and in large format, 4×5 inches. The“Pedestrian Project“ was shot within a grid street pattern from S. Figueroa Street to Los Angeles Street and from W. 9th Street To W. 3rd Street in downtown Los Angeles.

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“A Photograph is as personal as a name, a fingerprint, a kiss. 
It concerns me intimately and passionately. I am not ashamed of that.”
–– Sid Grossman

Man In Wheel Chair With-Styrofoam Cup

Man In Wheel Chair With Styrofoam Cup, Downtown Los Angeles

40×40″ Print
“Pedestrians, From S. Figueroa Street To Los Angeles Street,
From W. 9th Street To W. Third Street, Downtown Los Angeles.”
7x7_Large Panel_V7_06-09-2017
Street Work Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, April 2016 – June 2017

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