First Exhibit of Los Angeles Downtown Pedestrians Project
2017n001_11, Kindnessbus, Downtown Los Angeles

2017n039_7_Woman Standing Tall In High Heels_002009560006

V2_Front_8.5x5.5_Dazzle of Day Mailer_Southwestern


Installation Views (Craig Carlson), Southwestern Art Gallery, “The Dazzle of Day”

  The photographs being exhibited by Craig Carlson in The Dazzle of Day, is a project started in April of 2016. His “Pedestrian Project“ looks at the issues of pedestrians and their street behavior and dislocation; which includes homelessness, age, isolation in thought, imagined dreams, street gestures (movement), environment, clothing and social status. The project was photographed in four different film formats: 35mm, medium format in 21/4×21/4 inches, 6x9cm and in large format,4×5 inches. The “Pedestrian Project“ was shot within a grid pattern from S. Figueroa Street to Los Angeles Street and from W. 9th Street To W. 3rd Street in downtown Los Angeles.

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“A Photograph is as personal as a name, a fingerprint, a kiss. 
It concerns me intimately and passionately. I am not ashamed of that.”
–– Sid Grossman

Man In Wheel Chair With-Styrofoam Cup

Man In Wheel Chair With Styrofoam Cup, Downtown Los Angeles

40×40″ Grid Print
“Pedestrians, From S. Figueroa Street To Los Angeles Street,
From W. 9th Street To W. Third Street, Downtown Los Angeles.”
7x7_Large Panel_V7_06-09-2017
Street Work Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, April 2016 – June 2017

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