Interstitial Photographic Space

Bride & Groom, Las Vegas Strip, by Craig Carlson

Bride & Groom, Las Vegas Strip, by Craig Carlson

  Daido Moriyama  photographs are interesting because he commands his camera to follow his mind‘s eye and not the camera‘s eye. It‘s a technique which debunks the viewfinder as the finder of pictures and places that responsibility on the ability of a street photographer not to be seen, heard or recognized as he works the pavement.

  Interstitial space images are those moments between moments, short-lived, ephemeral moments; like the loss of sight when you blink. Imagine working as a street photographer in a world where you are invisible, where subjects do not respond to the presence of a photographer or photography. 

  Try walking and looking with your eye free from the autocratic viewfinder with your inexpensive point and shoot camera held knee high, auto focusing, auto metering, self advancing each exposed frame. My choice is the Leica Mini-Lux, having all of the above with a ƒ/2.4, 40mm Summarit lens. Blink.

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